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2023-2024 Indoor Soccer League Rules (updated 2/12/24)



Mission Statement: Our mission is to utilize our experience to provide affordable, unique, and valuable sports opportunities to children and adults of the Adirondack Coast Region in Northern New York.


While you are reading these rules, please keep in mind that this league is set-up for the enjoyment of everyone.


Age Division Rules:

U-8: Half field play using a futsal ball with 5 players on the field and a goalie

U-10: Half field playing using a futsal ball with 5 players on the field and a goalie

U-12: Full field play while using a futsal ball with 5 players on the field and a goalie

U-14-Adult: Full field play using a futsal ball with 4 players on the field and a goalie

Soccer Moms: Half field play using a futsal ball with 3 players on the field and no goalie


***U-8, U-10 and Adult are co-ed. These co-ed leagues must have at least 1-2 rostered players of each gender on each team. It is mandatory that teams have at least 1 boy (s) & 1 girl (s) on the field at all times. If there is an injury (s) preventing this, the team may play with less than 1 player of the opposite gender for that game. If the team is in club, these leagues are play what you bring meaning there can be all of one gender on the field. If a team (in rec or house) is all one gender, they must play one player down.


Equipment Rules:

●      Players must have age-appropriate shin guards to participate.

●      Only plastic or soft-soled shoes are permitted on the turf field. NO METAL!

●      All players must have white/colored shirts AND a second color shirt for each game.

●      All jewelry must be off prior to the start of games or taped if unable to be removed.


Game Rules:

●      Games are (2) 25 minute halves followed with a (2) minute halftime.

●      All Open/Rec Division leagues will have 8 games with the top 4 teams making the playoffs.

●      Games need to start on time. There is a five-minute wait period if one or more of the teams are not on time. The clock will start at the scheduled time. After five minutes, 4 rostered players must be ready to play. If there are less than 4 players then the game will be a forfeit.

●      If a team is down 5 goals or more during a game, they may add an extra player until the differential is below 5 goals.


Playoff/Tie Rules:


●      If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the following rules occur:


  1. Each team will start the overtime with NO GOALIE in a sudden death environment. Whoever kicked off to start the game will kick off to start this sudden death. Once a goal is scored, the game will be over. If there is no goal within 2 minutes, then;
  2. Each team will remove another player in a 2-minute sudden death overtime. Teams must remove 1 player for each 2-minute sudden death overtime until there is just 1 on 1 overtime, at which point, it will be an untimed overtime until someone scores.
  3. No substitutions are permitted once the overtime 2-minute period has begun.
  4. There are to be no players “acting as a goalie” during the overtime period. If there is a purposeful handball that player must come off the field immediately and they must play a player down.


Soccer Playing Rules:

●      Goalies have six seconds to release the ball from their hands, once defensive pressure has stopped.

●      Substitutions: 1 or 2 players may sub “on the fly”. If more than 2 substitutions are required, there must be a stoppage in play and players must alert the official.

●      Out of bounds: Balls that cross the sideline will be kick-ins. Balls that hit the ceiling or anything directly connected will be an indirect kick, straight down from where it hits. Exceptions: 1.) If the ball was already out of bounds when it hit. 2.) If the ball hits directly above the keeper's box, it will result in an indirect kick or corner depending on who had possession.

●      Goalie Back Passes: A goalie may not use their hands if a player deliberately passes back to them…if so it will result in a corner kick. Goalies can not punt the ball, they can only throw or pass with their feet.  A goal kick cannot go from goal box to goal box or goal box to opposing end line-the result in an indirect free kick from midfield.

●      Kick-Ins: All balls that cross the sideline will result in a kick-in. There are no throw-ins. All kick-ins are indirect kicks.

●      Heading the ball is NOT allowed for U-12 and below age groups. Anyone committing this violation will give the opponent a free indirect kick at the spot of the foul.

●      Kick offs are always an indirect kick and will switch direction at each half.

●      There is no sliding (no knee or butt touching ground). Goalie is OK in their box.

●      There are no offsides for indoor soccer.





●      All contact fouls result in direct kicks.

●      All non-contact fouls (obstruction, dangerous play) result in an indirect kick.

●      On both kicks, opposing players must be 5 yards away.

●      Once a team accumulates 6 or more fouls in a half, each foul thereafter will result in that team playing shorthanded by one player for two minutes.

●      All fouls committed in the goalie box will result in a corner.


Yellow/Red Cards:


Yellow and red cards are given out for play/actions that warrant them. When a player receives a yellow card, their team plays shorthanded for two minutes. If the opposing team scores, the sit-down time is over.


●      Yellow cards are given out for, but not limited to: spitting on turf, swearing, taunting, unruly physical play, persistent fouling, and disrespect at referee, teammate or opponent.

●      If a player receives two yellow cards in the same game, that player misses the remainder of that game and the following game. On the third yellow card of the 2022-2023 sessions, that player is done for the remainder of that game and misses the next. Every card there after results in missing the remainder of the game and the next. Cards DO carry over from session to session.

●      Red cards are given out for serious foul play, extreme disrespect, any action in which the referee feels warranted. Red card carries a penalty of 5 minutes playing shorthanded OR UNTIL THE OPPOSING TEAM SCORES. Any player receiving 2 red cards in session 1 and/or session ll (cards carry over) will miss the remainder of both sessions and must request via letter to be reinstated next year.

●      If a red card is received, you miss the remainder of that game and the next two. Additional sanctions can be brought if more actions occur afterwards.


*Coaches are responsible for verifying age requirements.


Final Word:

Though we realize there will be a competitive component to the indoor soccer program, we ask that you remember to put the fun and safety first. Remember, “It’s just a game.”

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