New Stuff for 2023-2024

There's a TON of new and GREAT things this year!  Here's the new stuff in a nutshell:

  • Each league and division has eight games!
  • Each league and division has playoffs and championship! (except for U6, lets let the little ones learn the game first!)
  • We are the region's first and only Major League Soccer (MLS GO) affiliate!  This means that each U14 and younger team will be a MLS team, and all players U14 and younger will get matching jerseys, shorts, and socks!  
  • PRACTICE! - we are adding practices to each team's schedule for U14 and younger!  This is where we learn hard work, dedication, team work, skill development, accountability, and a host of other attributes.  In general, each team will have a 1/2 field practice every other week, as per the division schedule.  Get more info at the "Division Details" tab below.
  • We are adding a Soccer Moms League!  I can't tell you HOW MANY times we've had our moms wish for an opportunity to get on the field. So let's give it a go! If you want a fast-paced, heavy-hitting, uber-competitive league, this is NOT it.   This is a social league and the goal (pun intended) is to move a little, get back in the game, laugh a little and maybe rack up some goals to brag to your kids or significant other that you've still got it!  Oh, and hey you don't need to be a mom, either.  Just someone who wants a social game.  We've allocated Friday nights for this (8:15, 9:15).  Teams of 5 will play 3v3 on half-field, small goals, futsal style.  Leave your obligations at home, get some friends together and craft a witty team name  - we'll get the music going.