Annual Membership

Each player needs to be registered as an annual member of Adirondack Coast Sports ($20).  This fee does a number of things:  First, it gets you an Adirondack Coast Sports t-shirt.  Here are the other things it does: 

  1.  Verifies that everyone who steps foot on the field has signed all appropriate waivers.
  2. Roster Integrity.  
  3. Scholarship opportunities. Membership helps to provide opportunities for those that face economic barriers.
  4. Gives us an opportunity to offer additional benefits and discounts from our partners throughout the season.

*When you register individually, the annual membership registration is integrated into that registration process.  There is no need to do anything additional.

This fee is non-refundable, but only needs to be paid annually.  You don't need to redo it to participate in 2023's Session II, or in 2024's outdoor league.